All About Segregation


For more than 200 years before the Civil War, slavery existed in the United States. But after the war things begin to get worse for blacks. The Southern legislatures, former confederates, passed laws known as the black codes, after the war, which severely limited the rights of blacks and segregated them from whites.


Segregation was supported by the legal system and police. But beyond the law there was always a threat by terrorist violence. The Ku Klux Klan, Knights of White Camellia, and other terrorists murdered thousands of blacks and some whites to prevent from voting and participating in public life.

Civil Rights Movement

Segregation was made difficult because of violence and the power of state governments. Blacks tried to fight segregation in many different ways like at the ballot boxes, inthe courtrooms, and through organizations like the National Association of the Advancement of Colored People. Which was founded in 1909. After the Civil Rights Act of 1883, blacks held meetings. Federick Douglas gave speeches at large protest; he made groups like Brotherhood of Liberty to plan legal and political action against segregation.