NNPS Literacy Links

August 2013

Scope and Sequence Update

Over the next 6 weeks teachers will be involved in Professional Learning with Paula Sindrey and a member of the NNPS English Syllabus Committee. Stage teams will build on work done last Staff Development Day and the Spelling workshop during Week 4 Term 3. Marilyn will lead Stage 3 to complete the Spelling Scope and Sequence and Learning Experiences for Reading and Viewing, Composing and Talking and Listening; Sam will lead Stage 2 ; Sharlene will lead Stage 1and Julie G will lead Early Stage 1. The aim is to complete the English Scope and Sequence this term. Go team!!

Support for new Science and Technology Syllabus

This website has units of work that relate to the outcomes from the Australian Curriculum. Some links you will need to access TALE. Some of the Scootle links will become available soon when Scootle is launched for NSW teachers (rumoured to be September)

More Support for Science and Technology and HSIE

Some great links to units and interactives for both these syllabusses.