Arna Bontemps

Camilo A. Mosquera-ferry

Arna Bonetmps Fun Facts

Born in Alexandria Louisiana on October the 13 1902

Died On June 4 , 1973 Nashville

Taught at Oakwood junior college

Wrote children books

Arna Bontemps

Arna Bontemps Contrubutions To The Harlem Renaissance

Arna Bontemps gave major contributions to the Harlem renaissance.

He contributed to Harlem renaissance with his master piece collection of poems and stories for children.

His amazing poems raised racial consciousness and where all inspired based on the struggle of African American lives and Harlem culture. Examples of such forms of writing include "Nocturne for Bethesda" His poems connect to longings of connections to his African roots.

He was only in Harlem for seven years interacted chorus of new voices who made the Harlem Renaissance golden age for black art and awareness.

Racial Consciousness

This was extremely important during the Harlem Renaissance because many people up to this point didn't believe that black people had any talents Arana Bontemps raised the consciousness and helped black culture prosper and flourish.

Without him?

Without him we would be lost and African American culture wouldn't be as prosperous during the renaissance.

A lot of people were educated without him some students couldn't have learned what he taught.

I Am Affected

I am affected by this person because he shows me how to educate and influence deeply the culture of the Harlem renaissance.

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