e-Learning @Rossett

Edition 6

App of the fortnight: Socrative

Socrative has a variety of different ways that students can visibly show progress in the lesson, including a wide array of different types of quizzes that differentiate depending on ability levels, exit tickets to assess final progress and space races. These are a fun and engaging way to deploy a quiz. You can choose the number of teams, auto assign or have students pick colours, then student paced answering of questions determines how "fast" each spaceship proceeds. This allows for a quick gauging of understanding that is clear and visible for all to see.

The link below provides a tutorial of how to use the different elements of Socrative.

Using blogs to show progress...

A recent key focus has been that teachers must demonstrate visible progress for each learner in their classroom. An easy way of doing this is through using digital blogs, either using an ipad or a PC. This allows each student to write a short summary of what they have learnt or carried out within the lesson during the review part of the Rossett Learning Model. This would show progress has been made lesson to lesson. Furthermore, blogs can be updated throughout the lesson to show further progress and to make it abundantly clear to pupils what work they are completing and why, along with making this progress visible to an observer. During the connect of the lesson, students could read over their latest blog entry and set a target based on this for to be achieved within the lesson. There are many different blogging sites that can be used to do this, many of which are extremely each to use. A few suggestions include:


Responsibility has been consolidated and integrated into Rossett pupils continually, not only through regular target setting but through the use of digital technologies. The use of technology in school life has improved personal responsibility in our students in a variety of ways, including:

  • Taking responsibility for choosing which app best reflects the information to be displayed in each lesson allowing for their own differentiation
  • Taking responsibility to contact teachers when extra help is needed through quick and easy access to email or learning platforms
  • Taking responsibility for accessing and reacting to feedback
  • Taking responsibility for peer assessing each others work through apps such as Google Docs
  • Taking responsibility for recording their homework how best suits their learning needs
  • Taking responsibility for uploading their work onto various learning platforms such as Realsmart/ Edmodo/ Showbie, thus enhancing organisational skills