I Want to be a Doctor


What is a Doctor?

A doctor is someone who studies medicine to treat illnesses and injuries.

Who needs a Doctor?

Everyone and Anyone-everyone needs a doctor a least once in their life even if they don`t like them

How could we find out what a day in the life of an doctor looks like?

We can ask a doctor or a nurse that is in the field.

What type of education does this career require?

Becoming a doctor requires at least of 12 years of college. A four year bachelor's degree, four years at medical school, a one year hospital volunteer and three to seven years of residency training in a hospital.



What is the toughest job in this career field?

I think the toughest thing about this career is resuscitating people.

Why would someone want to be a doctor?

I think its because it would be fun and you never know what will happen.
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