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Bay Shore MS's Practitioner's Guide on What Matters Most!

We Believe...

Children are our most precious commodity and the holders of our future. To see them reach their full potential - we commit to our continuous learning and the learning of our students so that each learning activity is engaging, culturally responsive, and prepares them for their futures.

Aim High!

May 10, 2016

Upcoming Events

May 13 - MS Gr. 6 and 7 Dance 6 pm - 8 pm

May 16 - MS Gr. 6 Band Choir/ Orchestra Concert - 7:30 pm


Although the end of the year is near, each day offers us a chance to help a child see his potential. Without you, there may not be another opportunity.

"3" Images to Ponder

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Battling the Copy Machine Monster

Huge thanks to our Power User - Evan Slutsky - for his willingness to get the job done!
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"2" Tech Tips to Try

Google Slides - Tutorial 04 - Creating an Interactive Presentation
Technology Tip of the Week - 5 Cool Google Slides Tricks

Tech Tip of the week - Keep track of everything you have to do!

Use the task feature in Google Calendar to organize all the stuff you have to do!

To enable the task feature, click the box next to Tasks, which you'll find nested underneath your My calendars box.

You can add new tasks two ways: 1) in the Tasks panel, click the plus sign (+) at the bottom or 2) in the calendar (in Week or Day views), click the top "all-day" box directly below the date and then click the Tasks tab at the top of the ensuing pop-up (in the Month view, you just click on any date box). Once you've created a new task, you can organize them into lists and create due dates in the Tasks panel.

Give it a try. First list what you want to get accomplished on that day. Check it off and smile!

"1" Must-See Video

GREATNESS WITHIN - Motivational Video (ft. Les Brown)

Happy Birthday

This week, give a BIG Happy Birthday to...

May 10

Amy Scognamillo

May 11

Melinda Juliano

May 12

Elizabeth Galarza

Kelly Molloy

May 13

Amanda DellUniversita

May 14

Rob Drago

Upcoming Events - Looking Ahead

May 18 - MS Gr. 7/8 Choir & Orch. Concert - 7:30 pm

May 19 - MS Gr. 7/8 Band Concert 7:30 pm

May 21 - MS Gr. 8 Moving Up Dance - 6 pm - 8 pm


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