Amy Clark Whittle

Hallsville Jr. High Principal

Campus Intervention Plan


Areas of Continued Need:

Goal 1 - HISD will maintain rigorous standards of achievement to prepare 21st century learners for graduation and post-secondary success.

  • 1:1:1- HJH will use Common Planning Time to align Special Education curriculum and assessment practices with on-level curriculum and assessment
  • 1:6:1 - Implement ELPs and use targeted strategies based on each student's individual progress
Goal 2 - HISD will provide learning environments and structures designed to promote a physical, emotional, and cultural focus on safety, wellness, and order
  • 2:1:1 - Provide lessons addressing drug awareness, character education and violence prevention
Goal 3 - HISD will engage in a culturally responsive pursuit of meaningful parental and community involvement.
  • 3:1:3 - Offer parental transition plan/procedures in the spring and summer prior to 6th grade

Goal 4 - HISD will recruit, develop and retain staff to optimize student engagement and learning.

  • 4:1:4 - Individual staff goals align to walkthrough and observation data

HJH Professional Development

  • "Energy Bus"
  • Essential Standards and SMART Goals centered around data
  • Monthly New to HJH
  • New to HJH observe veteran HJH teachers
  • Monthly Special Education
  • 8GI
  • Monthly Team Leader Collaboration
  • Quarterly Department Meetings
  • Bi-monthly HJH Cabinet Meetings
  • Mid-year conferences with new teachers
  • Monthly staff meetings
  • Monthly staff newsletters
  • ESL consultation
  • Curriculum & Assessment - Summer & Quarterly Reviews
  • Every agenda centered around PLC concepts - Focus on Learning, Focus on Collaboration, Focus on Results
  • Honest Feedback


  • Common Planning
  • Tier 1 Instruction
  • Rti Academics
  • RtI Behavior
  • ESL
  • Character Education
  • 6th Grade Transition

HJH Attendance Goal: 98%

Core Belief: Attendance impacts student learning.

Monitor Attendance through daily ADA reports.

Actions taken to improve attendance

  • Weekly emails to students from me with campus events, encouragements, and reminders
  • Daily announcements
  • Incentives
  • Communication through campus newsletters

Truancy strategies

  • Attendance clerk monitors daily attendance for each student and calls home
  • Truancy officer home visits
  • Principal home visits
  • Consistent and fair in filing with Judge Smith

Attendance Interventions

  • Students are required to make up time in after school detention or Saturday school if their attendance rate is lower than 90%



Decrease disparity between students in poverty and those that aren't

  • academics, behavior, social
  • focus group that will study and report back in staff meetings
Strengthen the RtI process
  • Tier I
  • Enrichment
  • Behavior
Whole child development
  • Character education
  • Service
  • Involvement
  • Leadership council


Obtain Superintendent's Certificate
  • Accepted to UT Tyler
Campus Connection
  • Relationships with staff
  • With kids more

Balanced Life

  • Leave by 5:00 so I can be with family
  • Do things for me

Stakeholder Feedback

"I just wanted to drop you a little note to tell you that you are doing a GREAT job at the Junior High. I get to see some of what principals endure and I do not envy you. Trying to please parents, students, faculty, the community, etc. is no easy task and you are doing it beautifully.

I wanted to share that the students notice your hard work too. I have an 8th and 6th grader. They have told me how they love having you as a principal. My oldest even told me how she really likes that you try to get to know all the students. She said that normally principals know the troubled kids but not the good ones(because they aren't in the office)....but not with you. You try to get to know ALL of them. Keep in mind that these words are coming from a 14 and 12 yr old. Normally I do good to get an "OK" from them when I ask has school was;)

Anyway....I wanted you to know that your love for your students does not go unnoticed! I hope you have a great weekend and let the countdown to Thanksgiving break begin!!!!"

- Ashley Anderson, parent

I've had the privilege of working for a variety of different principals; however -- you, Amy Whittle, have a special gift as a principal. You are indeed a friend to educators, an enthusiastic guide to students, and leader who strives daily to make everyone and everything around you better. You are a Blessing to HISD.

- Carmen Hamilton, teacher

Thank you for all that you do around the school. You are basically a super hero. Thank you for all that you do for my school. You're the best!

- Olivia T., student