Pot-Luck Tuesday

Got your attention???

We have worked hard since August and Fall Break is in the air! To celebrate our hard work, and kick-off a week of relaxing, let's have Pot-Luck Tuesday next Tuesday, September 29th. In order for this to be successful (and have plenty of food :) every one should bring a favorite pot-luck item, or a casserole, and/or a dessert. We have lots of tummies to feed!!!!

Pot-Luck Tuesday

Tuesday, Sep. 29th, 10:45am

14380 U.S. 231

Hazel Green, AL

Where? Put all our items in the Lighthouse Room and fix a plate on your way to the lunch.
What? Anything that sounds delicious to you will be delicious to us!
Why? Because only three more days till FALL BREAK!!!
Who? All of us!!!

Sponsored by The Funtastics

The Funtastics is a "mittee" whose main task is to bring some joy and fun to our staff! :)