Mascara Launches & Free Face Oil!

Plus our Target Collaboration & what it means for you!

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First Things First - A Great Beauty Buy!

I will always pass on a good BC promo! Here it is! I woke up to it this morning and had to share immediately! Love a face oil - incorporated into my routine over a year ago and helps balance moisture in any season! Not oily or greasy and gives you a beautiful glow! Here it is - just so you know I will always pass on a good deal! FREE LUSTRO OIL #3 - Today, May 13, though next Thursday the 19th, all orders $150 or more will automatically receive a Lustro Oil #3. This silky formula is perfect for balancing combination skin and is easily absorbed for ultimate hydration. While supplies last.

Here is the link - Happy Friday! Start shopping:

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NEW Lengthening Mascara, $29.

After THREE years of development, Beautycounter launched mascara this week! (Insert fist pump and a "holla!")

Since I started with Beautycounter 2 years ago, I can't tell you how many people have asked if we have mascara. Probably everyone...probably you! The best part is, we were told it could never be done. It only took us 3 years to prove the industry wrong. From the length of time it took us to develop, you can see that this is a tough product to make when you choose to NOT use any ingredients that have been linked to adverse side effects. And this is exactly what we did. 0 questionable ingredients.

What we have launched today is a genuine breakthrough. We have a custom designed brush that helps to lengthen and define your lashes as well as a buildable formula that allows you to give a natural or dramatic look, all from the same product.

94% reported instantly defined and lengthened lashes
97% reported that mascara did not flake
94% reported that mascara did not clump
94% reported that mascara multiplied the look of lashes

94% reported that mascara felt weightless on lashes

*Results based on a self-assessment consumer perception study of 32 women, immediately after first application.

I've been lucky enough to wear this mascara for the past weeks and I'm literally in awe that I can put this on and be good for the whole day! I have not used mascara for over the last year, but I lived with it because I knew my body was happier. No more sacrificing over here...beautiful long lashes and safe ingredients. Check!

Order it here or talk to me to place your order!

Beautycounter 100 Lashes

Want a MASCARA for FREE? Host a Social Plus get up to 5 FREE and 5 Half Price Products!

Want one of our new mascaras for free? (And who wouldn't??)

Easy! Grab your girls, grab a bottle of wine, grab some of my time...and let's play with the product! I'll gift you a free mascara and you'll earn many other free and half priced items, and your friends leave knowing a little more than they did when they got there, and you may too! I'm currently filling my June and July calendar so grab an hour and a half for some wine on the patio!

Already booked: June 21st, June 22 - Let me know what dates work for you! Des Moines, Cedar Rapids or an Online Social from Anywhere!

My Top 3 Picks right now! Face, Color & Body

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The Target Collaboration and What it Means for You!

Target + Beautycounter = Amazing. Beautycounter and Target are always on point leading the market as disruptive and forward thinking brands, showing the shift to safe beauty across the board. When we say we are working to get safer products into the hands of everyone - we mean it! Target has wanted us for 18 months and today we are so proud to announce this collaboration with TARGET this fall! The first ever beauty pop up and direct retail collaboration! This is a strategic partnership to get more products out to the masses and create awareness around safe beauty! There will be only 17 products for purchase at target for the 9 week collaboration! We love this 3rd party validation. This is a huge win for the brand and consultants - moving the needle forward in a huge way to get safe products into the hands of everyone!

What does this mean for you?

You will continue to purchase from your Beautycounter Consultant - me! You can absolutely pic up any of the products there this Fall as well - smaller sizes of what you know and love at price points from $9-34. Keep your favorite Consultant on speed dial still:) XOXO

Have you ever thought about being a Consultant?? Even just a little bit? Here is why the time is now.

We are making waves as a Direct Retail Brand and this is just the beginning! Our collaboration with J.Crew, Goop and now Target validates our brand as the "go-to" for safe, high-performing beauty. We are the leader in Safe Beauty, blazing the trail. Other companies are following and this is our moment. If you've been sitting on the sidelines or have thought about joining our safe beauty tribe - the time is now. With Target backing us we are going to be in front of 65 million NEW people. I can not think of a better time. If you are passionate about health, love beauty and want a side hustle that can be whatever you want - LET'S CHAT!! I can show you what this business has done for me. I have had SO much fun education you, opening doors to new friendships and connecting with old ones. I have never been in sales, or direct retail before - just a normal woman with the passion to make the best decisions for her health and wanting to know what the best choices are in beauty. So glad I found that in Beautycounter. We need more voices to continue to move the the needle forward!! Message me, call me or email me!

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Kelli Weber, Senior Director

Let's create change! Change within the industry and change in your beauty routine! I am her to help you, give me a buzz or message me to talk Beautycounter and how you can clean up your routine! Every small shift counts!

Have you been wanting to know how you can become a part of Beautycounter? Let's do this together! We are looking for more amazing women to lock arms with to bring safe and effective products to market so everyone has the choice to make safer beauty decisions. To learn more about how you can get involved with the safe beauty movement visit or email me

Beautycounter believes no woman should ever be harmed for making her own choices, living her own life, or showing her own beauty. Nothing is impossible.

I want to hear from you!

What do you want in a newsletter? Message me with questions, content ideas or products you want to know more about! This is for you and I want to give you what you want! Reach out anytime and let me know how I am doing for you:)

*Gift With Purchase valid on orders of $150 USD or more from 12:01 AM PST on Friday, May 13, 2016 until 11:59 PM PST on Monday, May 19, 2016. Offer available to Beautycounter Clients and Band of Beauty Members only. The $150 USD qualifier does not include tax and shipping charges and applies to $150 USD worth of product. Only good while supplies last. Not valid on previous purchases. Terms subject to change. No exceptions will be granted. Limit one per customer.