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alpha Kappa Delta Phi - March 2016 Newsletter

Spring Sprang Sprung!

One of our biggest accomplishments this month is hosting NESC 2016!

A big thank you to Northeast Govs for working alongside our President, VPI and NESC Chair to make this event a success. We had amazing guest speakers and alumnae that joined us for the weekend as well. It was great seeing the other thirteen Northeast chapters (welcome NEU!) and VCU.

Hope you enjoy this month's newsletter!


Selina *Havok* Feng

Vice President of Internal Affairs

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This March, alpha Kappa Delta Phi honors women around the world who have promoted sisterhood, leadership, scholarship, service, and Asian awareness through the years. Our sisters continue to better themselves and to uphold our five pillars.

Northeast Sisterhood Conference


Thank you Jessica *S.witch* Han for stepping up as NESC chair to work with our President and Vice President. You've contributed a lot into creating a successful event and we're so grateful for your efforts.
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Featured below is our sisterhood movie night hosted by our lovely sisterhood chairs, Jean *Mesmera* Ok and Annie *FATE* Chen! Other photos are our sisters having a little R&R during our one week break.
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Back at it again

Relay for Life

Just one more month! We're still going strong on raising funds for cancer research. We also participated in designing Luminaria bags that will be showcased at the large scale event at the end of April.


Lauren *sky-ll* Ng

Selina *Havok* Feng

Angela *|x|* Zhang

Check out our team page below to track our progress! We're aiming for Gold Sponsorship :)

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Thank you to our Webmistress, Zilin *éclair* Zhou, for keeping our accounts active.

Love & Friendship, New York University

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