The Thirty Years' War

By Kelly Chee


The Thirty Years' War was a series of wars that occurred in Central Europe from 1618 to 1648.It first started as a war between the Protestant and Catholic states but it ballooned and became a more involved war that included most of the most powerful countries in Europe at the time.It began when the Holy Roman Empire tried putting religious laws onto its lands.The Protestant states saw this as against their rights and formed the Protestant Union.Ferdinand ll ,emperor at he time,had extreme pro-catholic policies that caused fear.This fear would later be acted upon by the Protestant Bohemians,from the dominion of Habsburg Austria,to remove the Habsburgs and put Frederick V as their ruler.The catholic states formed the Catholic League as to counteract the Bohemians and to expel Frederick in support of the emperor and they were able to crush the rebellion.After that the Protestant states were in uproar and Saxony gave its helping hand to them along with the Sweden which started the Thirty Years' War.The Thirty Years' War had destroyed entire regions with plague,& famines which rapidly decreased the populations of the Germans,and Italians along with the Bohemians.The war ended with the treaties of Osnabrück & Münster.It also saw the change of the powers and made France a dominant figure in the 17th century.

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Impact: At the time The Thirty Years' War was important because it had gotten Spain to recognize the Dutch Republic as a independent country,had decreased feudalism,and Swedish growth.The lasting impact is that these two countries probably might not be here today.It is still relevant because these countries are still around.The way it influenced society was positive because it had furthered the decline of feudalism which is like martial law & politics.

Five facts:

1.The Thirty Years' War had happened in and was a part of the much longer Eighty Years' War between the Dutch and Spain.

2.The battle at which the protestants fell was at The Battle of the White Mountain.

3.The peace treaty that ended the Thirty Years' War was called the Peace of Westphalia.

4.The region of Europe most affected was the German States because that's were most of the fighting took place.

5.France & Habsburg had a rivalry strengthened when France fought with the Protestants.