AVID Family

End of the Year Project

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What does AVID mean to me ?

Avid is not just a class,Avid is a program where we all are family . Everyone's different we were all born, and raised different, we all have different stories, but Avid taught me that we are all family even if we aren't blood related, and what makes this family really special is that we all are a avid family. Everyone in Avid even though we all are different we all have something in common; we all have a dreams.We all want to become something, we want to do something with our life's with our futures . We don't want to fit in the crowed of people who wishes that they could do something and be something. When avid helps us we don't wish to do something avid tells us to take action make goals go step by step on how your going to accomplish those goals. Sure we all want to be something different but we all want to go to college and Avid is helping me Achieving those goals for my future. TO ACCOMPLISH MY DREAMS BE WHO I WANT TO BE NOT LET SOMEONE TELL ME WHO I'M GOING TO BE. I DON'T WANT TO WORK FOR SOMEONE I WANT SOMEONE TO WORK FOR ME, I DON'T WANT TO BE BOSSED AROUND I WANT TO BE THE BOSS.

BIG CHANGES !!!!!!!!!!!

Throw out the years I changed a lot not just physically , I changed mentally, the way I see things now, my different thoughts and feelings toward pacific topics and objects. If I compare to my first year of middle school without AVID and the last year I ended with AVID I had grown so much , I learned so much from AVID. I learned that planning my future is much better for me it helps me have a goal in life and avid is helping go throw how I can achieve my goals my dreams my life.


My name is Madeline Martinez everyone calls me Maddie , I was born February 17,2001 I'm 14 years old I'm the first child first/ only daughter and my goal is to be the first on in my family to go to collegeever since I was little I always saw my self with a bright future, even when I was little I always wanted to



MY DREAM COLLEGE IS TO GO TO TCU ( or which is called Texas Christian University), Because I want to study the field of forensic science and become a homicide detective. I know in order for me to fulfill my dream is I have to work really hard and do everything I possibly can to make goal become a dream come true. II really want to make my family proud and make self proud of achieving what I can.

AVID HELPED ME IN 12 WAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Get ready for college

get ready for high school

how to prepare myself and my work ethics

plan for my future

help me achieve those goals

be successful

work hard keep my grades up

help me notice what I need to work on educational wide

help me understand how to take good notes

how to properly study

think what I should be when I'm older

that I should challenge my self and take more advance classes