Austin's 5 Themes of Geography

By: Skylar Kalb


Austin is located in the central southern region of the United of America. The maps shown above were chosen because one of them shows you Austin's location compared to the whole country, and the other one shows you its location compared to the state of Texas.

~Absolute Location:30º 16' N, 97º 44' W

~ Relative Location: North of Houston and San Antonio, south of Dallas


The pictures above show three different parts of Austin. The downtown area, the hill country and lake area, and also the cultural part of Austin. Art has a large influence on the City of Austin as well as different heritages and cultures. Town Lake runs along side of downtown Austin and connects with Lake Austin. Lake Austin and Lake Travis also are near the hill country that is right outside of the city.


The pictures above represent the numbers of people moving to Austin. Austin has become a very popular place to move to in the past couple years because of its space, culture, infrastructure, business opportunities, schools and quality of life. Many animals may leave the region because of the drought and lack of water. Also, many heat and drought tolerant plants may be brought to the region, since many plants are not able to withstand the heat.


The pictures above show the most common regions in Austin. The hill country is very popular and sits right outside the city. The hill country region attracts many people to Austin because it is so different from the other parts of Texas. Some people also like the fact that you can be out in the hill country and still be able to see the city, which makes Austin extremely unique.

Human Environment Interaction

The pictures above can show Human Environment Interaction because of the drought. Since the population in Austin cannot change or adjust the drought, they have to learn to adapt to the drought. Systems like rain barrels help the people conserve and use less water during the drought.

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