war of 1812

by Jacob O'neal


squence of events

leading up to war

Great Britain was capturing sailors and forced them to work on British ships this angered the amircans and could lead up to war and it soon did and it was brutal

the war with Great Britain begins

in 1812 President Madison gave in to the war hawks.congress declared war on great britain

and it took a long time for the war to end and it was one of th greatest wars

the war at sea

the united states navy won some important battles against the British navy one of the battles was won by Oliver Hazard he comanded American ships agaist the BRITSH

battles on land

august 1814 The British attaked the w.h and evey one was forced to flee Dolley Madison the President wife did not flee the white house without a famous picture of George washington

fighting for new orleans

the united states and great Britain had been fighting for more than two years it took sevral months for it to get to them

the return of peace

the trety of gent ended the war and retured AND THIR WERE NO MORE BATTLES AGAIST THE British