Dartmouth University

(Geisel School of Medicine)


Hanover, New Hampshire




founded in 1769 by Eleazar Wheelock

re-founded by Daniel Webster in 1819 after winning the Dartmouth College Case

modern Dartmouth shaped by President William Jewett Tucker (from 1893-1909)

in-state tuition


freshmen room and board fees:

$11,622 (including meal plans)


Dartmouth Coffee Club; drink and discuss high-class coffees

Friday Night Rock; listen to undiscovered, cutting-edge musicians perform live

American Medical Student Association; brings together med. students across the U.S.

financial aid deadline:

February 1

choices of majors:

Human Physiology

Human Biology

what will you do with you degree:

go to medical school to become a surgeon or geneticist

base salary for these professions:

surgeon average salary: $251,115

geneticist average salary: $159,339

admissions requirements:

no specific gpa requirements- average gpa 4.1

must submit SAT Reasoning or ACT, 2 SAT Subject, and The redesigned SAT scores

no required high school classes, but they do review your schools curriculum

reasons why i chose Dartmouth:

very rigorous and demanding (ivy league)

has a medical school branch (Geisel School of Medicine)

great financial aid

interesting facts:

Dr.Suess (real name Theodor Geisel) was a member of the class of 1925

the smallest school in Ivy League

their award-winning ski team has their own mountain to practice on (open to students)