Chloe + Isabel by Esquitieri

Poppin-Up in May

I began my c+i business in April and thought this could be so much fun! And May has not dissapointed. I have had three Pop-Up parties and they have been great! I want to thank those three wonderful hosts for wanting to learn and share the beautiful pieces c+i has to offer. I am learning so much about myself through this experience and I can't thank c+i enough to for empowering me every single day to do what I love. I am a teacher but this business is inspiring and I am learning how to share my inspiration. "Be Creative, Be Confident, Be You."

More Pop-Ups to Come!

C + I Merchandiser Potential

As a C + I merchandiser I am truly becoming a leader. I am empowering women everywhere I go and it is so satisfying. I look forward to growing in this business and to see what the future holds for me as a merchandiser.

Ediris Squitieri

A jewelry business that began as a new adventure and is growing to be an amazing career. Contact me if you would like to learn more about this business or if you would like to host a C + I jewelry party where YOU as the host earns free jewelry.