Medievel Times

What goes on in the middle ages stays in the middle ages

Torture Device

Torture Devices

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During the middle ages,torture was a legitimate way of making a criminal confess. So they had many ways of torturing,such as the water board. The water board was a basic piece of flat wood,that you would tie the criminal too and then shower him with water until he confessed! Some criminals were so stubborn that it would take up to 6 hours for them to confess.

Also the Judas cradle was a torture device that they used often. The Judas cradle would make the victim sit in a pyramid shaped seat with their legs tied together and if one leg would move the other leg which would yank their legs and if they didn't confess their legs would break or dislocate.

Another device is the brazen bull. The brazen bull was a big wooden bull that would be set on fire. This time they could confess but they couldn’t get out because once they're in they can’t get out.

Thirdly,the rack torture the person would be attached to a rack and the torturer would spin the wheel,causing ropes to pull in opposite direction on their hands and legs,eventually causing them to break or dislocate.

Also the chair of torture had many variants of use. All of them included spikes almost everywhere on the chair. Basically it would make the criminal fight to try to stay off the chair,but it almost never worked and the subject would probably end up dying.

Another tool they used was the pear of anguish. Basically they would turn a big giant screw into the persons body and then it would mutilate them.

Torturing to the max

If you think that those devices were torturous then you should really take a good look at these ones. The Iron Maiden was a casket that was shaped like a human body. In this casket was steel spikes that were sharpened to perfection. The victim would be put in this casket and would be held in there until blood was leaking out of the casket. This method was a execution method so they was no confessing to it.

The second method and device that I am going to talk about is the classic well known saw. This device or method was just a simple saw. Again,this is no confession device,to put it in a different way the victim could confess,but he would not be spared. The only thing to this is to saw the person half.

A different device that I am going to talk about is the flagellation. This method was used in Rome as it was used in the middle ages. If you guessed a bit of whipping,bingo you’re exactly right. All there was to this device was a simple good old fashioned whipping. This way,it gave the criminal a chance to fess up about what he did.

Well enough talk about the flagellation,lets get to the serious stuff. The one that I am going to talk about speaks for itself. This one is called the thumb screw. Basically the name says it all,there would be a screw that would be twisted and turned into the victims thumb,the only way out was the truth.

What device is said to be Spanish but its not,what device supposedly tickles the victim? If you said the Spanish tickler then you’re on point. The Spanish tickler was a torture device that in all cases tore the victims skin into shreds. Well now you can’t get that tan you always wanted,but seriously it did tear it into bits. Again,this was a kill only device,you could confess,but it wouldn’t do you any good.

This one might sound weird but,what can I say. Public humiliation,what a way to go down. To be honest I think you all know what this is. There was only one step to this torture,throw the victim out into a crowd…….buck naked.

As much as I enjoy telling you how much misery and pain went through the middle ages, I’m done for now. Oh and uh kids,next time your really really old Grandma tells you to clean your room,just do it. You never know what could happen.

My House Burned Down

My House Burned Down!!

[Problem Paragraph]

Dear Helpful Guy,

Recently,there was a fire in my village. My home was burned down and also my barn was burnt to a solid crisp. I have asked God for help but he has but answered. I do not know what to do. Please write back with a solution that might help.

With Happiness,Sir Burnt House.

You Can……

[Solution paragraph]

Dear Sir Burnt House,

I know how it feels. My village was once a huge overwhelming piece of ash too. But then,the whole Village helped rebuild it. Maybe,you can ask your neighbors for help? Otherwise if you have some woods near you,i suggest that you go cut down some trees for some wood. Then you can build your house.

Your adviser,Helpful Guy.

House Problems

[Problem paragraph]

Dear Carpenter,

My house’s floorboards has started to creek. Also, water has started to come through the walls. I do not in any way know what to do. I have asked the local house constructor what to do but he doesn’t know either! I really need advice badly,and I was thinking that maybe you can help me!

Your Stranger Friend,House Problems.

Nails loose?

[Solution paragraph]

Dear House Problems,

The problems might be that the nails that are supposed to be holding the floorboards together,have been loosened or they have fallen out. That might cover both of your problems. If not then,take the floorboards off and see if there is water below them. If there is than that means the well must be leaking. This is all the ideas I have.

Your adviser,Carpenter.

Middle Age Food

What type of lean mean cuisine did the Middle Ages have

{Compare and Contrast}

Middle Age Food

During the Middle Ages,there were so many different types of food. If you think they had microwavable mac n’ cheese,you really need to take your 5th grade social studies class again. They didn’t even have microwaves,get it right people! well,never mind microwaves,lets get started on Middle Age cuisine!

First of all,they didn’t have a local Wal-mart. They had what is called food markets. Most of their food was freshly grown,and it was sold by the farmers to the market stores. Yes people,they actually GREW their food,and they didn’t pump it full of fake,fattening, gluten packed sugars like we do today.

Also,the people ate a lot of meats and poultry. Mostly deer,chicken.pig,and lots of goat and duck. During the middle ages there wasn’t a lot of obesity because almost everyone was active and had a role to play in the community. There were always hunters who were willing to sell their game to the market and even sometimes directly to the king! Today we eat meat that gets processed through machines and it gets packed full of different sugars that weren’t in there before.

Another pure fact from the internet is that the people ate a lot of fish and they actually caught them and they ate it with the vitamins that were in the fish from the start. Unlike the people of today who tend to put vitamins in fish that were not originally in the fish. On a daily basis fisherman would usually have a little house on a river or lake so they could catch fish from home,and I thought I was smart!

More or less,middle age people were obsessed about healthy eating and living. Unlike the middle aged people,most of the world now doesn’t care what they eat or how they live. Thats why there wasn’t much obesity in the middle ages. When new food would be created they wouldn’t trust anyone or any type of source they get their information from because it was new and no one has ever tried it. Thats one of the main reasons that they ate some of the same food.

Taste Bud Testimony

Considering tastes,the middle aged food was mostly a combination of Sweet,sour and salty tastes. Those tastes might come from spices,or they just come naturally.

Spoiled meat was a problem in the middle ages. If you think the solution is a refrigerator,your wrong…..again. They didn’t have what we have now. Thats why many explorers were looking for asia because they make most of the spices. They thought

that spices would help keep the meat unspoiled. Boy where they wrong about that.

Cuisine for noblemen was the same almost all the time. They would find types of foods that they like and put them together to make healthy meals. They would eat it constantly because they know it was healthy. They were afraid to explore new foods,what noblemen they are!

Rich and poor ate a dish called pottage. This was a easy meal to make and sometimes eaten today. In todays times most rich and poor people eat different things. Today,a easy meal would be a microwavable. Yes,even easy meals they had to make.

During the middle ages,what people ate depended on their wealth. The rich people ate food like,Duck,Deer,Bear and lots of other meats. Poor people sometimes had to eat crumbs off the streats. Middle class people ate a little bit of both except for crumbs.

The Black Death

The Black Death

[Sequential paragraph]

The Black Plague is tragic plague that was passed from rodents,to fleas and then to people. This plague killed half of Europe's old population. It all started at a simple boat dock station.

First,the boat hit shore at a dock in Messina,Italy. Messina was on a island called 'Sicily' owned by Italy. When people tried to get to the mainland,it was too late because the messengers had already been infected. In other words,they had just spread the disease to the country of Italy. Then it went into the whole continent of Europe.

Second,it affected fleas which then bit rodents in their fur. Then,those fleas and rodents spread the disease to people and then the people passed it to other people in other countries. Talk about a chain reaction.

Third,the disease not only made them ill,it gave them boils that would burst and then blood would ooze out through the boils killing them from blood loss or just from the illness alone. They would most likely die within two days with the disease.Three days,if they were lucky that is!

During the Middle Ages,most people were Catholic,so they believed that God was unhappy with them. Then they thought that it was the Jews that had made God unhappy. So unfortunately,they blamed it on the Jews and started hunting them down,poor people. People just didn't understand that it wasn’t anyone's fault!

Better Than Your Average Shack

Better Than Your Average Shack

[Cause and effect]

The homes from today are very different from homes in the middle ages. Because the noble people did not have homes like we do now,they had to build structures called castles. You might have heard this word from one of your favorite stories where the cool knight dude saves the princess so she won’t be burnt into a crisp by a dragon. To tell you the truth,thats not how it plays out. And,no there was no such thing as dragons. If there were,the princess would actually be burnt to a crisp.

At first,castles were made out of wood. Because they were built out of wood,it would easily be lit on fire and it would all burn down. The wooden castles did no good for the nobles so they started to think harder. What could they possibly start building with?

More or less,they started to build with a mineral called cobblestone or just regular stone. As the years went by,castles started to get more and more advanced. They started to make it more stable and they found a way to keep heat in. Castles were often uncomfortable,so usually nobles only lived in them.

But,as the years went by,more destructive weapons were being created. What I mean by destructive weapons is gunpowder. Gunpowder was a powder that lit the bullet or cannon ball. They used it before semi-autos were created. They used cannons to shoot deadly balls called,well…...cannon balls. So then,making castles were becoming pointless because they would just get knocked down.

When castles were advanced with different materials,the people thought it was the most amazing thing in the world. The lack of security led to castles being built all over Europe.Castles were created for protecting noblemen. Noblemen were knights and people who were famous for fighting. The castles protected noblemen from robbers. Almost all noblemen had riches and were very wealthy. If a Noblemen did get robbed,he would get mocked and shame would fall upon him. But,that almost never happened because the walls were so high and there was also guards.

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