Divergent By:Veronica Roth

Brooke Franklin Period 3-5


DIVERGENT - Trailer - Official [HD] - 2014
In Divergent, their are 5 factions and when your around the age 16-18 you have to choose one. First you take a test and they get into your head then give you your worst fears. There are certain people that think all of the factions, they are called Divergents. Next they go to the choosing ceremony and they get to choose whatever faction they wanted. They don't have to pick the faction that fits them the best. When they choose one they have to stay there for the rest of their lives or they become factionless.

Symbolism- The Five Faction


I think this is a setting that will happen in the future. At first Tris lives in Abnegation it is very dull and gray. That is where most of the factionless live because Abnegation is always giving them food and drink. Abnegation are the last people to eat. They also control most of the government. When Tris decides to leave her family for Dauntless her whole world changes. Dauntless is brave and they wear tight black pants and shirts. When they go anywhere they jump off trains. It has a huge dome that has a large bottom and if you jump then you will get hurt really bad. When Tris changes factions her whole world changes.

The Dauntless wear the black outfits-The Abnegation wear the gray outfit

Book Recommendation

I think Divergent is a very good book. I recommend this for thrill seekers. If you have read the Hunger games series then this is the book for you. You get to use your imagination because the author explains everything with a great amount of detail. It is an adventure that you can see how every faction is different. Read the book to make your imagination fly.

A Sneak Peak of What's Next?

This is the trailer for the 2nd book of Divergent.
Divergent Series: Insurgent Trailer