Green Sea Turtle

an endangered species of hawaii


  • Colors range from black to brown to gray
  • Has streaks and blotches
  • Up to five feet in length
  • Weigh up to 700 lbs
  • Live to over 80 years (GTFF)


  • This sea turtle is an herbivore
  • Adult turtles feed on sea grasses and algae
  • Baby turtles feed on crabs, jellyfish, and sponges
  • They find reefs to find food and to feed off of (GSTCM)


  • Shallow waters rich in sea grass and algae (GTFF)
  • Lives in tropical and subtropical waters
  • Found near Alaska, Chile, Europe, and North America
  • Found in the Pacific, Atlantic, and Indian oceans. (GSTCM)


  • Migrate every year
  • Have a serrated bottom jaw
  • Have very powerful fins (GSTCM)


  • Fished overwhelmingly
  • Jeopardized by habitat extraction and disease (GTFF)
  • The turtles are protected by treaties and laws
  • Harvesting and fishing has lessened
  • Green Turtle population is still decreasing (CM)
HD Sea Turtle swimming on reef


  • Photo 1: NOAA's National Ocean Service, Flickr
  • Photo 2: Selbe B, Flickr
  • Photo 3: Minette Layne, Flickr
  • Photo 4: Michael Hanscom, Flickr
  • Photo 5: John Colby, Flickr
  • GTFF: Green Turtle Fact File
  • GSTCM: Green Sea Turtle (Chelonia Mydas)
  • CM: Chelonia Mydas

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