San Francisco Earthquake 1906

My prespective

The Earthquake

On April 18,1906 at 5:12 A.M an massive earthquake hit San Francisco California. It was said to last less than a minute but destroyed the city of San Francisco and caused many fires around the city that burned for three days. It ripped apart families and killed approximately 3,000 people, and left half the city's 400,000 people homeless. They were forced to sleep in tents and cook their food in the streets. The earthquake of San Francisco 1906 is considered one of the worst natural disasters in U.S history.

The reason behind why i chose these pictures

I chose these pictures because I wanted to see more about what happened. It looks really interesting and I noticed all the people in the streets. Buildings were destroyed and there's rubble all over. I saw fire and lots of smoke. The name San Francisco earthquake stood out to me. When i read the description I wanted to keep reading it to see what else happened.

My questions

If i was there I would ask the photographer what was going through his mind? What was he doing when the earthquake happened? Where was he? Was he injured at all? Did he know any people that died or didn't die but were injured? What did he do after he took the picture? How did he feel? Was he part of the people that had to sleep in tents and cooking in the streets? Did he help clean up what happened?

What I learned

I think this event teaches us that we need to be prepared for anything. Be prepared for anything. For heart ships like loosing your home or loved ones. I also learned that you can't predict the future so you never know whats going to happen, like one second you are sleeping in your bed then the next thing you know you are standing in front of your burning house that's been torn apart. Be prepared for anything even if you don't think it will eve happen to you.