By: Ella D, Kristen L, Olivia K, Oliviah D

The Apple logo is widely know across the world. So far, they have sold more than 700 million iPhones.

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A patent is the exclusive right of an inventor to make, sell, and use a product or process. A patent insures that no one else will use a companies product or idea. The patent clearly demonstrates how the product is made. The limitations of a patent are that it doesn't reveal the full scale process of how the product is produced. You get 20 years worth of protection, but this is also seen as a limitation for the company because it only lasts 20 years.
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The trademark is important because it helps people identify Apple Corporation , and it shows that they own the product.The value of the trademark is that people can identify the producer of the product. When people use products that they like, the company benefits because the symbol will show what product the person wants to buy. The more satisfied a consumer is with a product, the more popular it will get, and trademark becomes well-known. The limitations of a trademark is that the logo should be simple yet recognizable.
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Copyright is the protection of the creative work of authors, composers, and artists. The value and benefit of copyright is that nobody's work will be stolen or sold off as another product. The limitations of copyright is that people who want to use the product or and idea of an artist author or composer have to mention the creator so they won't get copyrighted because they don't own it.