Jackson & Industry Review

Test Monday

Who was Andrew Jackson?

"Common Man"

"Manifest Destiny"


"Rough around the edges"

Some felt that Jackson and the Executive Branch of Government had become too powerful.


System of Spoils

Jackson rewarded those who supported him with positions of power. These jobs were taken from the Federalists who were currently doing them and then were given to "common people".

What does this cartoon represent?

Nullification Crisis...What Happened?

1. Tariff (tax on imports) was imposed to protect US production in the North.This tariff hurt the agricultural economy due to the increased price of Foreign goods.


3. South Carolina--Nullification...Federal policy on tariffs violates State's Rights.

4. South Carolina--WE ARE OUT OF HERE!

5. Compromise: Tariffs lowered...President has power to deal with threat of secession with use of force.
The Tariff of Abominations! YouTube

Political Cartoon: Nullification

Cartoon drawn during the nullification controversy showing the manufacturing North getting fat at Southern expense.

Bank War

  1. What did Jackson dislike about the Second Bank of the United States?

Indian Removal Act:

"Trail of Tears"

West of the Mississippi

Industry+ Immigration = Urbanization

the process by which towns and cities are formed and become larger as more and more people begin living and working in central areas

Economic Improvement: Geographic Factors of New England

Due to the close proximity of natural resources in New England; trade and Manufacturing and trade grows.

Industrial Revolution Makes Life Better?

Cotton Gin: rise in cotton production + rise in slavery = rise in Southern Economy

Interchangeable Parts: Production improves (faster & cheaper)

Factories: Positive = Jobs, growth of cities; Negative = labor conditions

New Inventions:

Better Transportation (Railroads, canals, steamboats, clipper ships, etc.)

Turning Points in History - Industrial Revolution