Mrs. Mack's 2nd Grade Classroom

Weekly Newsletter - Week of 11/16/15

What's Happening This Week!


Thank you for your timely feedback for our conference scheduling. If you have not returned your slip, please do so so that I know that time works for you. I look forward to chatting with you soon!

Mrs. Mack

What are we Learning?

Reading - This week we will work on sequencing events in nonfiction texts. Students will read a variety of "How To" books to practice this skill. We will also learn about cause and effect in stories.

Phonics/Spelling - This week we will focus on the vowel-consonant-e pattern (or magic e). Students will learn words such as: cape, home, pine. We will also learn the suffix -ive (active).

Trick Words (Unit 6): only, house, move, right, place, together

Writing - In our informational writing unit, students will continue writing nonfiction pieces and focus on adding text features, use their senses to explain, and use comparisons to make their writing more interesting.

Math - We will finish Part 1 of Unit 2 by practicing Skip Counting. We will review basic skip counting by 5s, 10s, and 100s and then move on to completing skip counting sequences starting with any number.

After Thanksgiving, we will begin an intensive study on counting money and telling time. Please send in your child's money bags when possible (see yellow note in their Friday folder). Practicing with real money makes it much easier for us to practice counting.

Please continue to practice telling time to the Hour/Half Hour and Identifying Coins with your child.

IXL Topics - We will also work on these topics at school! :)

Counting & Number Patterns

A.1 Skip Counting

A.2 Skip Counting Sequences

A.3 Counting Patterns - Up to 100

A.5 Hundreds Chart (challenge)

Social Studies - As we continue our Economy Unit students will learn about goods and services, producers and consumers, and how to spend money wisely.

Have a great weekend! Have a great Thanksgiving Break! Our next newsletter will be sent out during the break.

Important Dates to Remember

~Report Cards go Home, Monday, 11/16

~ Picture Retakes, Tuesday, 11/17

~Parent Conferences 11/23-11/24