Gregor Mendel


Gregor Mendel-Early Life

Gregor Mendel (1822-1884) was an Austrian monk. He was born in Austria on a farm and went to a local school until he was about 11. A schoolmaster noticed Gregor's intense aptitude for learning and was really impressed. He suggested to Mendel that he attend a secondary school in Troppau. He pushed through this school, even through the hardships, and graduated with honors in 1840. After school, Mendel went to the Philosophical Institute of the University of Olmutz for two years. He did wonderfully at this school as well and graduated in 1843.

Gregor Mendel-Experiments and Discoveries

In 1854 Mendel began to research the transmissions of heredity. He did many experiments with peas and cross-fertilized peas with different characteristics. Such as tall with short, smooth with wrinkly, or green seeds with yellow seeds. After hours of analyzing and experimenting he concluded with the following results, which were some of his most important conclusions. One was the Law of Segregation. This established that there are dominant as well as recessive traits passed on from parents to their offspring. The other law Mendel founded was the Law of Independent Assortment. This established that traits were passed on independently of other traits from parent to offspring. Gregor Mendel played a big role in the research and discovery of genetics and for that we should thank him!
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