Jaguar (Panthera Onca)

One of the most magnificent big cats...

Hunting Habits

Panthera Onca sticks to the shadows and leaps on its prey by the head a kills it with a neck blow, like most other big cats. Prey includes deer, wild pigs, sheep, pretty much any form of meat they can catch.


Jaguars are most comonly yellow/golden with black spots, but there is a 5% chance of a jaguar being born pure black, and an even lower chance of an albino one. The dappled coloring helps them become invisible in the mottled light of the rainforest.


Panthera Onca will settle in marshy areas, savannas, or, most commonly, tropical rainforests.


Jaguaers rarely stay in a den for long. They only den up while raising cubs, but when they do it is in a cave or under and overhang.
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