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March 19, 2018

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More about Parking

We have a total of 49 spaces on campus with an additional 4 handicap. We need on any given day, if all are here, a total of 76.

Staff that is here everyday is equal to 51 spaces per day. However, we have spaces on the side lot available after 8:30am.

At this point I am collecting data to see what we need and what we can do to improve the situation.

Raffle Raffle Raffle

If you bike, walk, car pool or ride your skate board... to school you qualify our weekly raffle!

If you don't drive at least one day during the week come get a raffle ticket for the week.

PTO and ELAC Working Together

The PTO and ELAC are building a dynamic leadership team! They worked together to coordinate the Winterfest and the Valentines Day Dance. Both were excellent events. This collaboration is continuing with a Forum on Bullying April 16th at 6pm. Exciting times in parent leadership!!!
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Grade Level Meeting Agenda: March 19, 2018

LCAP Goal #1: Assure High Achievement for All Students

Purpose of Grade Level Meetings:

● The purpose of grade level meetings is to provide opportunities for teachers to collaborate and calibrate on lesson design and development in order to implement California State Standards. The areas of focus we selected for this year are Math, Writing, and Educational Technology.

Goals for Today:

● Review available site support for Bridges Implementation

a. Options Available - Collaboration time with grade level peers and/or visiting classrooms in Napa to see Bridges in action as a grade level team

b. 1 Sub day per teacher

● Share and review best practices for Number Corner and Problems & Investigations as a collaborative grade level team

● Explore available assessments in Bridges as a grade level team

● Identify 1-2 ideas you will implement in the next week in Bridges



5 min

Welcome and Purpose

15 min

Bridges Site Support

● Review site specific opportunities to review Bridges materials with principal and collaborative, grade level teams

● Discuss additional support as collaboration or site visits to classrooms implementing Bridges and complete site plan document located here.

● Today we will be focusing on collaborating with grade level peers on Number Corner and/or Problems & Investigations based on grade level needs

40 min

Number Corner and/or Problems & Investigations Review

● Grade level teams can review their takeaways from the February 16th professional development day, discuss what they have implemented since that time, and then use the time to collaborate on upcoming Number Corner lessons and/or Problems & Investigations lessons with a focus on refining implementation. The resources from the grade level collaboration day in January and your teaching materials may all be used as needed.

● (See Resources Below)

20 min

Assessment Planning Time

● Each grade level should review the various Bridges assessments and select at least one upcoming assessment the entire grade level would like to use. Please record choice(s) on the document linked here.

10 min

Close and Gather Feedback (Google Form)


Primary Resource

Bridges Educator Site

Extended Resources

● Achieve the Core: Math Focus by Grade Level Standards

Mathematics Framework Resources from cde.ca.gov

2013 Revision of the Mathematics Framework The California State Board of Education adopted the Mathematics Framework on November 6, 2013. This revised Mathematics Framework supports the California Common Core State Standards for Mathematics.

Executive Summary: Mathematics Framework (PDF; Dated Oct-2015) The executive summary highlights essential information and guidance in the Mathematics Framework and is intended to introduce the reader to the wealth of information and support for teachers, administrators, and parents/guardians it provides.

Making Meaning of the California Mathematics and ELA/ELD Frameworks – Helpful Tools for Every Audience (DOC) This summary provides concrete examples on how the ELA/ELD and Mathematics Frameworks, Executive Summaries, and Parent/Guardian Brochures can be used by stakeholders to more effectively implement the California standards.

Additional Resources:


5 Practices for Orchestrating Productive Mathematical Discussions



March 19 - District Grade Level meeting 3:30pm at EV

March 19-21 - 4th and 5th Grade to Coloma

March 19 to 30 - GATE testing for grade 2

March 21 - Karen Strong visits, EV PD 2pm (K-3)

March 22 - maite at Leadership am only

March 23 - Restructuring Team meeting & ELAC 6pm

March 26 - Staff Meeting 3:30pm

March 29 - Maite at EP meeting am only


April 2 - Golf Tournament

April 2- 6 Spring Break

April 11 - Oral Langauge Faire & Spring Picture Day

April 12 and 13 - Maite at a conference

April 16 - District Grade Level meeting 3:45pm at EV & Bullying Forum 6pm

April 17 - Purple Pinkie at lunch

April 16 to May 4 - ELPAC TK to First

April 23 - Staff Meeting 3:30pm

April 26 - Maite out all day at DO

April 27 - SSC 3:30pm & ELAC 6pm


May 4 - Cinco de mayo 5pm

May 7 - Staff Meeting 3:30pm

May 18 - Restructuring Team meeting

May 21 - Staff meeting 3:30pm

May 23 - Open House 5pm

May 24 - Coffee Cart & Maite out at DO

May 25 - EV Field Day, EV BBQ, SSC 3:30pm & ELAC 6pm

May 28 - Holiday

May 29 - Preschool grad

May 30 - Award Assembly 9am

May 31 - Promo 9am