Super Star News Update

January 18-January 22

Whereas moral courage is the righting of wrongs, creative courage, in contrast, is the discovering of new forms, new symbols, new patterns on which a new society can be built. ~ Rollo May

Hunt's Corner

We hear quite a bit about being confined within the limits of our education system. Today, I have just one question for you, and I ask you to truly ponder it:

If these limits were gone, stripped away, and you were empowered to recreate education as we know it, what would it look like?

Think critically and Courageously. Be prepared to discuss soon. For now, you can share ideas here:

Items to Note

  • Safety! Jon has done a great job working to strengthen our safety systems. We will discuss some of these together at our next meeting. For now, we need your support with the attached items. Please take a look and let us know if you have any questions!
  • Way To GO keeping our kids safe this week. HUGE shout-out to Letitia, Patti, and Melina for not only keeping a sharp eye on badges and visitors, but maintaining a fiercely strong and safe entry/exit at our main entrance. Today, they intercepted a student who was leaving with unauthorized adults, in a safety audit. We also want to thank Ginny and to the countless teachers who ensure students always travel in pairs. And thank you Liz for checking visitors for badges. Each of these actions has a powerful and direct effect the safety of our students. Keep up the great work, Stars!
  • Strategies: Props to our Kindergarten teachers! I had the pleasure of working with one of Ms. Noonan's students this week on her homework after school, and without the slightest prompt, the child circled her Question words, using reading strategies. Written reading strategies are such an essential practice and skill for our students to implement across contents and contexts. Thank you for planting this seed early, and to all of you for watering and feeding it throughout each subsequent grade.
  • Attendance is up from last year! The grade level with the highest attendance will receive a Popcorn Party at the end of the year! Breakdown by grade level is below, with 3rd and 4th grade leading the pack. Keep up the great work, as it is anyone's game!
  • Skyward training for parents will be offered January 21, during our Literacy Night: Bedtime with the Stars. Please advertise and encourage our parents to join for this informational training and engaging evening of fun and imagination.
  • Literacy Night: We (staff) get to wear our costumes all day! Who will you be....?
  • Students: Please remind students: Students wear REGULAR, uniform dress code on Thursday. They are allowed to wear PAJAMAS that evening, to the event. Regular dress code at school!
  • Library Fund Raising: Remember, staff can exchange cookies (homemade preferred, but not required) for a jeans pass. We will sell these in packages of 2-4 each. All funds to benefit our campus library!
  • Dreambox: If you have forgotten how to run reports, please see Tammy!
  • Health: Drink your juice, exercise, sleep! Stay healthy! :) If and when you are absent, please remember to include me on your AM text. Notify your team to ensure duties are covered. Input your absence into Skyward by 6AM. (If it is after the deadline, Subfinder will neither accept your absence nor call out for subs!) If you know in advance you will be out, please remember that Discretionary absences should be submitted 5 days in advance or as soon as possible, in order to comply with state and district requirements.
  • Eneida, thank you for sending your students to lead us in Announcements this week. We're looking forward to hearing from Maria's class!

ATTENDANCE 2015-2016

Marking Period: 1st 2nd 3rd

PK------------------- 96% 94% 92%

KG------------------ 97% 94% 93%

1ST----------------- 98% 98% 92%

2ND---------------- 97% 97% 94%

3RD---------------- 98% 97% 95%

4TH---------------- 98% 97% 95%

Super Star Celebration

Friday, Jan. 15th, 8am

1601 Country Manor Road

Fort Worth, TX

Book Fair

Tuesday, Jan. 19th, 8am to Friday, Jan. 22nd, 3:30pm

1601 Country Manor Road

Fort Worth, TX

Bedtime with the Stars

Thursday, Jan. 21st, 5:30-7pm

1601 Country Manor Road

Fort Worth, TX

Honor Choir

Monday, Jan. 25th, 8am

1601 Country Manor Road

Fort Worth, TX

Van Cliburn

Tuesday, Jan. 26th, 8:30am

1601 Country Manor Road

Fort Worth, TX