VPS Heaven

Secure, Private & Reliable

Are you looking for a VPS provider that values your privacy?

Look no further! VPS Heaven is a brand new provider that focuses on security, privacy & reliability. Customer privacy is extremely important to us and as such we're one of the few VPS providers that currently accepts Bitcoin payments.

Besides our focus on security, privacy & reliability it is also important to us that our customers receive the right resources for their buck! Don't worry though, unlike many other providers we pride our self in ensuring all our customers do get the resources they pay for, which means we do not over sell on any of our nodes. As soon as we get close to the servers limit we will add additional nodes to ensure customer satisfactory!

All of our VPS packages include...

99.9% Uptime SLA

Guaranteed uptime for all our clients. If any downtime occurs we will reimburse you according to our SLA agreement.

Full Root Access

All of our VPS allow our clients to have full control over their servers.

Maximum Security

Unsure about security? All of our customers get one free security audit from one of the experts on our team.

Linux OS

We offer a variety of Linux distributions in both 32 and 64 bit architectures to suit your needs. Missing your favorite Linux distribution? Contact our support team about it.

Fast support

Included at no additional cost with your VPS account is our standard support which covers systems and infrastructure that is exclusively managed by our support and operations staff and is outside of customer control.

Free, instant setup

As soon as your payment is received our system will automatically set up and activate your server so you can instantly access your server.