Communication Tools

Tools for teachers, parents, and students


You can send out messages to parents and students using the Skyward student information system. To do so, the students need to be registered for your class in the system.

Skyward Pros & Cons:

  • Parent emails are already in the system
  • Messages can be scheduled in advance
  • Parents are likely used to getting emails from Skyward already


  • Parent emails may or may not be up to date
  • Email is the only form of contact
  • Messages can be sent from any teacher (include name, subject, grade, etc when sending)

Remind & Celly

Remind and Celly are similar tools that allow you to send messages to parents and students using a combination of text, email, and app notifications.


  • Parents/students can sign up using the app, text messages, or emails
  • Sends one message but reaches multiple platforms
  • Teachers can send message from app or website
  • No need to exchange phone numbers or email addresses
  • Great for class updates, emergency info, or reminders


  • Similar to Remind's operating system
  • Students and parents can reply to messages
  • Can also send polls (to parents or to use in class)

Google Voice

Google Voice allows you to have several phone numbers all ring to one central number. I also lets you share a phone number with your students/parents without sharing your personal phone number. GV also provides recordings and transcripts of voicemails and allows you to send text messages from your computer.

Why Google Voice?

What is Google Voice?

Social Media

There are numerous social media platforms teachers can use to convey information to parents and students, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and others. Each has benefits depending on the type of use.

Tips and Tricks with Social Media

  • Reaches parents/students where they are
  • May miss some parents who don't use that platform
  • For safety, don't print whole names, room numbers, or other identifying information
  • Make sure students have parent permission before sharing photos
  • Choose a screen or page name that is easily found
  • Gives students an authentic audience to showcase their work