Becca Tolbert

Ceramics 1 portfolio

A Golfer's Cup of Tea

I created this project because I love to golf. It reminds me anytime I use my mug of the green and being at the golf course.

I had problems with my mug cracking and I used water to fix the cracks. I also had trouble with designing the handle my design of it standing straight up wouldnt work so i curved it.

if I could cahnge anything about thid project i would change the fact of the glaze colors and how my mug turned yellow instead of white.

The House of Birds

I created this project because I love nature and the outdoors. It reminds me of going over to my grandpas house and sitting in his garden on long summer days.

I had problems with my birdhouse because I was sick a lot and the pieces kept drying out.

If I could change anything about my house it would be the roof because one side is caving in a bit. I also would have glazed it instead of painting it.