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The Monthly Newsletter for the Patricia A. Duran School

Spotlight on PreK

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Spotlight on Pre-K

During the month of September we worked hard on building routine, making new friends, learning school rules, and how to be a bucket filler. We learned about each other and how we are alike and different and that we are all terrific!

Our PreK kiddos are also learning about what it means to fill each other's buckets, and have been practicing the concept. To learn more about "bucket fillers" click here.

We are starting to notice letters, especially the letters in our own names! We are listening to stories, singing songs and learning poems. We are also learning about the calendar and counting together everyday!

In Pre-K we focus a lot on pre-writing skills to develop our fine motor muscles. We are playing with play-doh, cutting, gluing, painting and working on our pencil grip!

Pre-K students are enjoying exploring different areas in our classrooms such as the kitchen, the blocks, puzzles, art, library and tubs including manipulatives.

Pre-K Rocks!

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Fire Prevention Month

October is fire prevention month! We are very fortunate to have firefighter, Mike Simmons, from the Hermon Fire Department joining us on October 13 (during official fire safety week). He will be meeting (via zoom) with all of our classes to talk about the role of the fire department and about fire safety. Be sure to ask your child what they learned!

NWEA Testing this Month

We are beginning NWEA testing this month. The NWEA test is both our universal screener and a state-required assessment. The NWEA assesses students in math, reading and language (writing/grammar), and takes approximately 30-50 minutes to complete. It is an individualized test, which adjust according to your child's answers. It provides us with valuable student data regarding a student's strengths and areas of concern. We use the data to make decisions about instruction, interventions and enrichment. The NWEA schedule for the month of October is below:

October 4: 4th grade reading

October 5: 3rd grade reading

October 6: 2nd grade reading

October 7: Kindergarten and 1st grade reading

October 12: 4th grade math

October 13: 2nd grade math

October 14: Kindergarten math

October 15: 3rd grade math

October 18: 1st grade math

October 19: 4th grade language

October 20: 3rd grade language

The video below provides a great summary of the NWEA assessment.

MAP Growth Family Toolkit Video

In-Service and Holiday Reminders

This is just a reminder that Friday, October 8th is an in-service day for teachers. The following Monday, October 11 is a holiday and school will be closed.

Pool Testing

Our students and staff are getting into the routine of pooled testing. We are thankful for Nurse Nicole's patience, efficiency and good nature. As of right now we have 300 students enrolled in pooled testing at PADS--that's approximately 67% of students! During the contact tracing process, we've had entire classes that did not require school quarantines due to their enrollment in pooled testing.

If you have questions regarding pool testing or are interested in signing your child up, please contact Nicole LaRochelle at nicole.larochelle@schools.hermon.net You can follow the steps below to sign your child up for pool testing:

1. First, click here (https://testcenter.concentricbyginkgo.com/minor-consent).

2. Then, enter this access code: QGFE84

3. Finally, enter your child’s information, and you’re done!

Note: If you need to provide consent for more than one child, please complete the process once for each child.