Smores and Recourses I can Use

Recourses for teaching

Part 1: Teaching Website Recourse

1. Surfing the Net with Kids

Surfing the Net with Kids is a recourse that has topics that I can use in almost every area in the classroom. I will for sure be using this website in the future. It has almost every category for each subject that I will be teaching.

2. Teachers Notebook

The second recourse is called Teachers Notebook. It is a great website for teachers that are wanting tips. The recourse is for every elementary grade and a teacher can look up categories for something certain they are looking for.

3. Great Schools

The third recourse I found is a website called Great Schools. This website is a great recourse for finding worksheets. For example I was able to easily find a conjunction worksheet. There are different categories to explore. For example categories about worksheet and activities, homework help, and hot topics for a classroom.

4. Educators' Spin on It

The fourth recourse I found is a called Educators' Spin on it." This website is a blog that has great ideas for ways to explore Dr. Seuss. I will for sure use this blog a lot in my classroom. It has great ideas that I have never thought of before.

5. Laura Candler

The five recourse I found is from a website called Laura Candler. This website has files for every subject that a person can easily download and use. This will be a great website if I need a fast worksheet for a certain subject.

6. The Virtual Vine

The sixth recourse I found is called The Virtual Vine. This is a great website for board, door, and wall displays. This website is full of many ideas and different categories that a teacher can use to decorate their classroom with.

7. Teacher StoreHouse

The seventh recourse I found is called The Teacher Storehouse. This website lets you search many different things that would be useful for a teacher in a classroom. For example, there are categories on holiday items, board decoration ideas, stickers, awards, and much more!

8. Kids Activities Blog

The eighth recourse I found is called Kids Activities Blog. This website is full of educational activities that a teacher can use in their classroom. For example there is a math lesson that I found that I for sure want to use when I am a teacher. They are educational but fun ideas for students.

9. GoEd Online

The ninth recourse I found is called GoEd Online. This website is specially a teachers store that has eBooks, games and more. There is every subject that a teacher can browse through.

10. Teachers Pay Teachers

The last recourse I found is a website called Teachers Pay Teachers. I have found so many things on this website already and continue to use this when I get into the classroom. There is different categories that a teacher can search for. It does cost money but as I keep looking at the website it is for sure worth it!

Part 2: Video Recourse

1. Teaching Elementary Students to be Independent

The video below is a speaker teaching students to be independent. I think is video is very beneficial for a teacher because they can go off of this and get good ideas. It is also important to teach them the importance of being independent at a young age.
Teaching Elementary Students to be Independent

2. Teaching Fractions 3rd/4th Grade

The video below is showing how to teach fractions to 3rd and 4th graders. The technique that is teached is called "down on the farm." This looks like a great technique and I will for sure use this in the classroom.
Fractions 2nd / 3rd Grade - Down On the Farm

3. Teaching Kindergarden Math

The video below demonstrates how to teach addition to kindergartners. The technique they use is have the kids count the dots when they add. I learned this way when I was taught addition. It would be nice to have the students watch a video as well as learn it from a teacher.
Teaching Kindergarten Math : Teaching Kids to Count Dots when Adding

4. Learn about Plants

The video below is a video about the plants life cycle. Learning about the life cycle of a plant can be very challenging for some students, so I think if a teacher starts off by showing them a video they will grasp the concept better.
Learn About Plants - Life Cycle

5. English Grammar

The video below is a video showing how to learn conjunctions. Learning this in school was challenging to me. I am a visual person, so I think if I could have watched a video before then I would get a better idea of the concept.
English Grammar - Conjunctions

Part 3: Podcast in my Classroom

1. Grammar Girl

The first podcast I found is called grammar girl. This podcast provides short, friendly tips to improve writing. Whether english is your first or second language, this podcast will make your grammar and punctuation better and be a more successful writer.

2. ESL

The second podcast I found is called ESL (English as a second language). This is for anyone who wants to improve their English speaking and listening skills. This would be a great tool to have in your classroom if you have ESL students.

3. Nick Jr.

The third podcast I found is called Nick Jr. Watching different shows is like having a learn-along play dates with Dora, Diego, and much more. This is a great tool for preschool to kindergarden students.

4. Sesame Street in Communities

The fourth podcast is called Sesame Street in Communities. This will help children and the adults in their lives reach the highest potential. The podcast will tackle a variety of different topics in the areas of help and well being.

5. StoryNory

The last podcast is called StoryNory. This podcast brings an audio story every week. The stories consist of fairy tales, new children's stories, poems, myths, adventures, and romance. This is a great tool for children learning how to read and learning the different types of stories.