Digital Citizenship Project

Kaden S 6

Rule #1 Digital Etiquette

THINK before you post anything: This means to not post anything you wouldn't want anyone else in the world on the internet to see or remember if it is True, Helpful, Inspirational, Necessary, and or Kind.

Rule #2 Information Privacy

Do not give out personal information to anyone or anything on the internet because there are hackers that will take that information and use it against you by saying you did something bad or will keep spamming you with things that you don't want and can give you viruses

Rule #3 Social Networking

Never accept or chat with people you don't know only the people you know personally. I don't think that you would want a bunch of strangers pulling up to your house would you if you were having a party would you?

Rule #4 Online Safety

Be careful on the internet

When you are on social media sites don't tell anyone about yourself or anyone else you know keep your identity a secret.

Rule #5 Cyber bullying

Don't be mean Online

If you are mean online this can hurt someones feeling very badly and the bully can be charged with harassment.

Rule #6 Plagiarism

Don't Copy anyone else's ideas

If you are doing a report don't say the exact same thing that the author wrote or that is called plagiarism and you will fail that assignment or even get kicked out of school.

Rule #7 Copyright

If you copyright something it means that you used something made by another person without their permission and you can actually be sued for this.

What is Digital Citizenship?

Digital Citizenship is basically how you and what happens on the internet and how you can be safe. A few examples are the rules I have typed up. I'll just list them for you Rule #1 Digital Etiquette, Rule #2 Information Privacy, Rule #3 Social Networking, Rule #4 Online Safety, Rule #5 Cyber Bullying, Rule #6 Plagiarism, Rule #7 Copyright.

Why Is it necessary for everyone to understand and display positive Digital Citizenship practices?

It it necessary for everyone to understand and display positive Digital Citizenship practice because if you don't learn digital citizenship you won't know whats out there on the internet. Some examples are Cyber bullies, Viruses, Hackers, and so much more.