Report by: Max VanHoeij

About The Author/Illustrator and book

Chris Van Allsburg was born in Michigan, growing up to write and illustrate wonderful picture books like Jumanji and the Polar Express. This book is written and illustrated by Chris Van Allsburg. It is a book with adventures, playing, and a mysterious board game named Jumanji. He is still alive today; winning the Caldecott award for Jumanji and the Polar Express.


In Jumanji, there is a boy named Peter, and a girl named Judy. Both of them go to the park, where they find an old board game named Jumanji. When they take it home, they both open it up, and start the game. On the first roll, Peter rolls a seven. on the board, it said "a lion attacks." after that, Judy said "turn around very slowly..."
Jumanji Book Trailer

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