Texas Revolution Battles

By: Laila Greene

Battle Of Velasco

The Texans were at Brazoria trying to secure a cannon. The Mexicans Tried to Prevent them from getting the cannon and fighting broke out. The Mexicans were forced to surrender after they ran out of ammunition.

Date: June 26, 1832

Leaders: Mexican: Domingo de Ugartechea Texans: Henry Smith and John Austin

Location: Fort Velasco

Source: https://www.tshaonline.org/handbook/online/articles/qfv01

Battle of Gonzales

The Battle of Gonzales was the first battle of the Texas Revolution. The military commander, Domingo de Ugartechea, sent 100 solider on horseback and Franciso de Castaneda to bring back a cannon the was given to settlers to protect themselves from attacks from the Native Americans. Then, one day the Mexicans were attacked out of nowhere. During at break in the fighting, Castaneda and the Texan leader,John Henry Moore, talked about the why they had attacked. When the fighting resumed the Mexicans found themselves outnumbered and withdrew to to Bexar. Although the battle was small it showed that the Texans and The Mexican government were breaking apart.

Date: October 2, 1835

Leader: Mexican:Domingo de Ugartechea and Franciso de Castaneda Texans: John Henry Moore

Location: Gonzales, Texas

Source: https://www.tshaonline.org/handbook/online/articles/qeg03

Battle Of Concepcion

The Texans were told to occupy the wooded bend that was protected and sent soldiers out to warn them if the Mexicans were coming. They then shot cannons at the Mexicans but they were ineffective. The next morning, the Mexicans surprise attacked which the Texans counter-attacked using rifles. The counter-attack caused three charges by the Mexicans to be driven back. Once the other gun fire was heard the other Texans came to attack as well but were too late.

Date: October 28, 1835

Leaders: Mexicans: Martin Perfecto de Cos Texans: Stephen F. Austin

Location: Mission Concepcion

Source: http://www.tshaonline.org/handbook/online/articles/qec02

Battle Of the Alamo

William B. Travis was in full command and he wrote a letter in which he said he would never surrender and also asked for at the Alamo. The fighting with the Mexican army lasted 13 days. On the 13th day, almost every single Texan had died.

Date: February 23, 1836

Leader: Mexicans:Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna Texans: William B. Travis

Location: San Antonio de Valero

Source: https://www.tshaonline.org/handbook/online/articles/qea02

Battle Of Coleto

After winning the Battle of Refugio the Mexicans saw their advantage and attacked. They managed to stop the Texans retreat. The the battle started and they fought until sundown when the Mexicans ran ammunition. The next morning, they continued to fight but the Texans surrendered and wrote terms of surrendering but were later executed at the Goliad massacre.

Date: March 19, 1836

Leaders: Mexicans: Jose de Urrea Texans: James Fannin

Location: Coleto Creek in Goliad

Source: https://www.tshaonline.org/handbook/online/articles/qec01

Battle of San Jacinto

This was the last battle of Texas Revolution. The Texans surprise attacked the napping Mexicans that had no one on lookout. While attacking the Mexicans the Texans screamed battle cries "Remember Goliad!" and "Remember the Alamo!'. 630 Mexicans were killed and 730 were taken prisoner. Santa Anna escaped but was later found.

Date: April 21, 1836

Leaders: Mexicans: Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna Texans: Sam Houston

Location: Harris County, Texas

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