Copyright and Creative Commons

Don't steal others work

Rule #1: You Can’t Use Everything You Find On the Web

Many people believe if it is on the web then it is free to use by everyone.

This simply isn't true. Copyright laws mean if you use images, videso, music, sounds, just about anything without permission you could be breaking Copyright laws.

What is Copyright?

Copyright is a law that:

  • covers everything you want to use including photos, music, videos, computer games.
  • covers everything you want to do including copying, emailing and sharing
  • even if it's on the internet or TV or radio
  • even if you've bought it, you can't copy it.

But I won't get caught

Here are the most common types of content that breaches Copyright:

  • Images – mostly found through google image search
  • Text and quotes – copy/pasted from other websites (even with a link it still may not be legal)
  • Music – usually mp3s that students have uploaded to share .

Copyright is a law and by breaking the law there are consequences.

So What Can You Use?

How do you find Copyright Free resources?