Weekly Newsletter

Welcome back!

Pets are beloved parts of many families and classrooms. Young children love to watch their animal friends and imitate the animal's movements, sounds and expressions.

Pets teach children the importance of taking care of others , showing affections, being sensitive to others' needs, and developing lasting friendships.

A study on pets not only offers opportunities for children to explore the topic that interest them, but it also allows children to gather information, become more aware of the world around them, and solve problems.

During this unit we will explore different kinds of animals, learn the differences between domesticated and wild animals, investigate what they eat, how they communicate, and what they need; we will talk to experts about the topic and learn about their jobs.

And to top it all off... We will get a classroom pet!

This will be a fun ride!

I can write!

During Circle Time we talked about Animals and learned some vocabulary. I gave each child an animal card and asked them to copy the name of their animal.

These cards were then placed in the Writing Center and children enjoyed recognizing letters, copying and grouping them.

Roll & Graph with Pete the Cat

I love Pete the Cat! His attitude is super positive and teaches us to "keep on going"!

After reading and singing the book, we played a game in small groups. Children took turns rolling and graphing their results. The dice had Pete with red, white, brown, yellow, blue and multi-colored shoes.

It was a great opportunity to practice taking turns and math skills.

Decorating Fishy Friends

We decorated colored fish mats with play dough, sequence and beads. Children created beautiful fishy friends and shared them with the class.


I invited the children to join me in creating a storyboard. I explained that a storyboard tells a story using pictures and words. I allowed the children to explore the backgrounds and the props available to them.

I asked open-ended questions that prompted the children to talk about the topic they wanted to use for the story: What will the story be about?, What background would you like to use?

Each child created their a story and shared it with a partner. We are going to continue this game in the Library Center next week.

Venn Diagram: Pets, Sometimes Pets, Rarely Pets (Wild)

During Morning Meeting we discussed which animals were pets. We concluded that some animals are pets and others are sometimes pets, while others are rarely pets. Each child was given 2 cards with animals on them. They had to decide were to place the animal in the Venn Diagram.

Classroom Library

We filled our library with books about animals. We encouraged children to use notepads and try to copy the Titles of the books. Some of them are already making letter strings! This fun activity allowed children to continue learning about parts of the books, practice writing skills and also practiced recognizing letters

Wednesday means... Big Library Day!

This week on our trip to the Elementary Library, we decided we wanted to learn how to take out books. So we met Ms. Menitza, paired up and chose books about animals. Ms. Menitza showed us her special tool to keep track of the books we were taking.

These books are now available in our Classroom Library until next Wednesday.

Amazing Architects, Engineers and Construction Workers!

This week we've had some amazing constructions in our blocks center. They are really great!

When children build together they practice cooperation, taking turns, patience and persistence!

Animal Shelter

Little by little we are transforming our Dramatic Center into Pet-related scenarios!

Mystery Readers!

Two great books this week!

Renzo's mom shared her time with us and read "We're Going on a Bear Hunt".

Ignacio's aunt was visiting and she stopped by to read "Jack and the Beanstalk".

Thank you!!!!!

Stuffed Animals Wanted

Big image
We are looking to build a Vet Clinic in our Dramatic Center and would love your help!

We need some stuffed animals, pet equipment and any other super cool stuff you can think of.

Our kids are super excited!

Healthy Snack Idea

Healthy Carrot Cake


· 200g grated carrots (around 1½ packed cups)

· ½ cup water

· 70g grated cheddar cheese (1/2 cup)

· 2 eggs

· 4 tbsp oat flour



1. Pre heat oven to 180C / 350F / Gas 4

2. Mixed the carrot and water in a bowl, cover and microwave on high for 3 mins

3. Drain the carrots and then place them on a clean cloth / absorbent paper and squeeze out the liquid. (You need to get the carrots quite dry)

4. Place the carrots back in the bowl and mix with the remaining ingredients

5. Prepare a baking tray with baking paper or use a silicon baking sheet

6. Form star shapes of the mixture onto the sheet using a cookie cutter. (Mine were around ½ cm thick)

7. Bake for approx. 13 mins (until crispy on the sides)


  • Parent Teacher Conferences (PTCs) next Wednesday and Thursday
  • Thursday -No School