People in Science

By: Maddie Bries

Agnes Riley

  • She fixes computers
  • She takes the computer apart and finds the problem than fixes it
  • She is from Budapest, Hungary
  • She learned how to fix computers by trial and error

Dijanna Figueroa

  • Dijanna is a Marine Biologist
  • She spends up to 12 hours in a lab
  • Dijanna was in an Imax movie called "Aliens in the deep"
  • She tries to get young people interested in science
  • Dijanna studies animals in wild enviorments

Mitchell W. Pryor

  • He is a robotics engineer
  • He went to the University of Texas
  • He is a researcher
  • He is also a research scientists at University of Texas

Jon Bohmer

  • He was born in Norway
  • Jon invented the sun oven ( aka Kyoto Box)
  • April 9, 2009 was when he made the original sun oven with his daughters
  • He is married and has three kids