Night Of The Twisters

By Ivy Ruckman

What a sad story this book will make you cry on some of the chapters.

The main characters are Dan, Arthur,Stacey,Ryan,Mom,Dad,Minerva,Mrs.Smiley,Grandma,and Grandpa.

One problem is Dan can't find his family and he's looking all over but he could still not find his family.The solution for this problem is Dan thinks of going home and as he's walking home Dan's family finds Dan walking home.

Another problem is a tornado comes and it hits the police car and the wind shield shatters and then it hits officer Kelly's glasses then the glass gets in his eyes The solution for this problem is officer Kelly asks Dan to drive headquarters before they get more hurt.


It started in the beginning of the book where they introduced Dan and Arthur.Arthur likes books and Dan has nothing to do with books he just doesn't like them but Arthur loves them.In the middle there was a tornado they where watching TV all of a sudden there was a tornado alert so the problem was that mom was going to Mrs.Smileys and I don't remember where dad was.So Dan Arthur and Ryan had to go down in to the basement and gt in the shower.At the end there was another tornado and Dan Arthur and officer Kelly was in the patrol car and Kelly was driving and the wind shield shattered and hit Kelly's glasses so Dan had to drive to headquarters.


1 The state capitol is Lincoln

2 The state bird is the Western Meadowlark

3 The agricultural products are corn,beef,and milk