Foreign Languauge Career

What is a Translator?

Translators convert information from one language to another. They translate written documents while interpreters translate from spoken words. They can work on literary, legal, or educational documents. Most translators work from home, but some are organizations employ in-house translators.


A bachelor's degree is usually needed, but does not neccessarilyhave to be in a language. At least 2-4 years of work in the field is also required. They should be fluent in English and at least one other language. In addition to being fluent in other languages, a translator should also have knowledge of cultures. A translator's average base salary is $41,834.


Two universities you can atten to get a degree in translation are the University of Phoenix and Grand Canyon University.

Travel, Advantages, and Dangers

If you hired for a company, you may have to move. They may be overseas.

There is only one main skill you need, which is bilingualism.

If you are hired to translate in a war zone, there is a chance that you may be injured.