New Times for a New World

Editor and chief: Evan Pennington

Big News!

Loads and loads of pilgrims come over to the New World every month, Now's your chance to be a part of the "movement"! Most travelers take the voyage to the new world because they are debtors, people escaping religious prosecution, and indentured servants looking for a new start from the poor economy and tyrant King George III. The Debtors of England came to the New World so that they could escape paying taxes and other debts that they owned in England. Others that used this new place as an escape could be classified as people seeking religious prosecution such as Ann Hutchinson and William Penn who weren't happy with being forced by the puritans into something that they didn't truly believe in. Finally we have indentured servants which were basically slaves with a contract. The way that indentured servants work is that someone with money agrees to pay your way into the new world and in exchange you will work for them a certain amount of time and after that your a free man! (or woman). So if any of these descriptions describe you then the Americas is the place for you!

You have many choices as to which part of the New World you want to be a part of, but i will try to simplify it for you by giving you three choices!

First You have the Northern Colonies, (founded in 1636 by Thomas Hooker, Roger Williams, and John Whinthrop and consisted of New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Rhode Island.) who's economy is based off of natural resources, shipbuilding, and fishing! (Since the soil there is rocky, thin, and not farm-able) So if you just so happen to know how to do any of those things then the Northern colonies are the place for you!

Second you have the Middle colonies (founded in 1606 by Henry Hudson, William Penn and the Quakers and consisted of New York, New Jersey, and Delaware), which are also known as the Bread Basket colonies because of their success in farming and mining. The Middle colonies made their money by farming things such as wheat, corn, and fruit; mining things such as iron and coal; and finally they gathered timber. Another benefit of the Middle Colonies is that there isn't harsh and extreme winters like there is in the Northern colonies so you have a reduced chance of dying due to disease.

Finally you have the southern colonies (founded in 1632 by Captain James Smith and James Edward Oglethorpe and consisted of Maryland, Virginia, North and South Carolina, and Georgia) who's economy consisted of farming things such as tobacco, rice, sugar, and cotton and relied heavily slave labor, and indentured servants.