Cole Nordin


Urbanization is the shift of people moving from small towns into a bigger city.

Urbanization in New Angles

Benefits of Urbanization

If people of the surrounding cities Los York, Loston, and Hallas all join in and urbanize in the city of New Angles they will have many benefits. It could bring more money into the city and open more job opportunities.

Problems of Urbanization


If we move everyone into one city it will get congested and we would need more compact housing quarters. Maybe we could expand the city limits or build bigger and taller building to house more people.


With every big city becomes the problem of transportation. It is a easy problem to deal with if you approach it the right way. The city needs a subway installed, along with a taxi system and better sidewalks. With those three options I think it could eliminate the problem of traveling in a big city.


Water will be an issue if we have many people moving into one area. Luckily the city is near the Great Lakes, being able to pull and filter water from there will be a big plus. As long as we have water lines that can sanitize the water and distribute it we will be okay.

Sanitation Crime

With more people comes more sanitation issues. I don't think it will be a huge problem within the city unless the people make it out to be.


There is more of a chance of fire with more people. Also if something does catch fire more then likely a lot of surrounding buildings will go up in flames also.

Issues Still Present?

Issues Today

I believe some of these issues are present today. Water is a problem in Las Vegas and other big cities in California at the moment. Whereas transportation isn't that big of an issue today.