Year 2 Newsletter

Friday 13 March 2015

What have we done this week?

We have:

  • Started reading the story of Robin Hood and have learnt parts of it by heart.
  • Learnt about germination and what a plant needs to grow, both as a seed and as a plant.
  • Maths: Miss Macdonald's group have been exploring fractions. Ms Bintcliffe's group have been looking at adding and subtracting using a blank number line.

Next Week

  • Watching Y3/4 performance.
  • Castles Day - archery, jousting, hat making, bread making, den building.
  • Re-telling a version of Robin Hood in our own words and writing it up.
  • Beginning to think of how we could change the Robin Hood story.
  • Maths: Ms Bintcliffe - Addition and subtraction using a blank number line. Miss Macdonald - Position and direction.
  • Science - planting our own seeds and continuing to build on our plant and animal knowledge through the study of Charles Darwin.


Castles Day is Tuesday 17 March. The children may dress up as a character associated with castles or come to school in green/brown (Robin Hood!) as we will be making Robin Hood hats during the day. Please note that we will be spending a large portion of the day outside (weather permitting) so suitable footwear needs to be worn and no 'best' outfits.

Year 2 Storyboard Homework - Please ensure that your project is in school no later than Tuesday 24 March. If you have any questions, please direct them to Ms Bintcliffe or Miss Macdonald as soon as possible.

Reading at home 3+ times a week. Spelling Zappers daily please where possible.

Mathletics/RM Maths practice at home. If your child needs their username and password again, please send them to Miss Macdonald or Ms Bintcliffe.

Water bottles to be cleaned and taken home on Friday.

Please remember that we can no longer accept party bags on children's birthdays. A cupcake or cake or an item of food can be brought in for children during snack time. Thank you.

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