Amelia Earhart: Female Aviator

By: Lindsay Lee

Famous Aviator

Amelia was a young female pilot/aviator who was both determined and hopeful. If one of her flights was not successful, she would just try to make her next flight an improvement. That was how determined she was. Men thought that women could not fly a plane because most women would jump off when the plane took off, but Amelia was a natural and stayed in the plane. When Amelia first wanted to fly a plane she went to Charles Lindbergh, but he didn't take her because she was a woman. So, she switched to a female pilot whose name was Neta Snook. Neta knew that she could fly and eventually Amelia flew and broke records. Amelia was famous for her determination, hopefulness, and because she was a woman pilot.

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A Nurse Before a Pilot

When Amelia was in college, she took a road trip with her mother to Toronto, Canada. While she was there, she saw the wounded soldiers after World War 2, and felt bad for them. Before she left, she thought to herself, "I'm useless at school, why should I go back?" So, Amelia went to a few years of medical school, and started her new adventure as a nurse. She enjoyed being with the patients, but they would not want to eat because it was the same food every day, which was pretty boring. Amelia made it fun by telling them to shape their food into what they felt. I think that was a really good way to express their feelings, and was very creative. They were still unhappy though, so she cheered them up by saying, "I will ask the cook to change the food." When their wish came true, they shaped their pudding into her face or name. This was her job before becoming a pilot.

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Secret Moments

An important moment in Amelia's life is when she met her husband, George Putnam. This is important because meeting your future husband is great. You get to know the person, and you feel happy to be with the person you love. They met when George's company needed a passenger for the Atlantic flight. There was a woman who wanted to go, but her family persuaded not to fly. The next woman one of his workers recommended was Amelia Earhart. At the time, Amelia was not famous, but they heard that she was hardworking. When Amelia heard the news, she definitely wanted to go, but she had to be patient because George was busy. When they met each other, he was rude, but once he realized that she was checking him over to see if he was a good man, he changed his personality. They both enjoyed horseback riding and the news said that she was slim, active, and intelligent. George enjoyed those qualities too. He eventually asked her to marry him, but she said, "No," 3-4 times because she was running out of money, her father was going to die, and she had not found a job yet. Finally, she said "Yes," and they were happily married.

Facts, Facts ,And More

The first fact that you may already know or not know, is that Amelia's first flight teacher was Charles Lindbergh, but he did not take her because she was a woman. The second interesting fact, is that Amelia's nickname was Millie. The third fact, is about her younger sister, Muriel, whose nickname was Pidge. It doesn't sound like Muriel, does it? Fourth, she became great friends with Eleanor Roosevelt. The fifth fact is that when she became a pilot her nickname was Lady Lindy because she had the same slim body and facial features as Charles Lindbergh. An additional fact is that Amelia met Orville Wright just before she disappeared. Also, Amelia was the 16th woman to get her pilot's license. Another fact is that Amelia had to stop flying for a period of time because she had an infection that made her head hurt when she went up high in the air. Amelia attended 6 high schools but still managed to graduate.

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The Key to Greatness

The greatest lesson I learned from Amelia's life is that, you should always think in a positive way, which can lead to determination and confidence. Whenever her friends were feeling down, she would always say something positive to cheer them up. For example, when her friends were sad that the roller coaster, they helped build didn't work the first time, she just gave some suggestions on how to improve on the roller coaster, and it worked that time. Her positive attitude gave her friends the determination, to at least try again. They rode on it with confidence, and were in a giggly mood all day. This is an example of how a positive attitude can change everything.

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