The Word taliban comes from the plural form of the arabic word talib, meaning "seeker" or "student". The group was originally formed in Afghanistan by Mohammed Omar in the mid 1990's. By 1998 the Taliban had control of almost 90% of Afghanistan. Today the Taliban still have a strong presence there.
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Symbol of Taliban


Motives & Ideologies

Righteous jihad views aimed at establishing an ordered Islamic system in Afghanistan. They wanted to create the world's most pure islamic state in Afghanistan (Benson).


Mohammed Omar was the first leader & founder of the Taliban but passed away in April 2013. His death was kept a secret for two years and was not publicly announced until July of 2015. Hibatullah Akhundzada is the current leader ( called the Emir) and has been since May of 2016, taking the place of Mullah Akhtar Mansour who died in a drone accident.

Actions/ Events

The Taliban first started with small battles in local areas. They worked to free civilians from military violence. Eventually the Pakistani government sought help from the Taliban to "protect a trade caravan" (Benson). Success on the Mission led the government to begin funding the Taliban. It was not the Taliban's initial intention to take over the Country. In many cases the Taliban did not need to fight to take over cities.

Successes & Failures

S: In 1994 a successful government mission was the first step that helped to grow the Taliban's power.

S: Implementing social changes and new laws such as banning music, photographs and education for women.

F: the Taliban's extreme views caused the formation of an opposing group (ISIS) and have created more conflict.

F: The country's isolation hurt the national economy in Afghanistan.

This group initially was popular in Afghanistan. Before the U.S. got Osama Bin Laden the Taliban was a much larger threat, or at least a more publicized, group but the focus has now shifted to ISIS(L). Although the focus has shifted this does not mean the group is not a threat. ISIS and the Taliban are not the same group, they actually have opposing views and are at war.