Willam Penn

By: Kennedy Watkins


William Penn was a generous person and thinks that everybody should have a right to believe. Penn was finding his true selfe growing up . William Penn Wes fighting for freedom because he thought that people should believe in their faith.Penn hod gotten a lot of land from king Charles and named it Pennsylvania. William Penn went throught a lot of odds when he was growing up .

Early Live

William Penn lied an interesting life. William was born in October 14, in London. William went to London to study . When William was at London he wrote "NO CROSS, NO CROWN in {1668}. He's dad was a caption for the navy/ Admira . Williams mom was a religious person. When William turn 12 years old he went to Ireland and heard a presencher speak and that influenced he. When he was 12 years old he felt gods presence. Then when got a little older he went to school called Oxford university a little bit later he got kicked out of school for refusing to go to the Enghish church. When he got a little older he wanted to be a Quaker . William Penn was in his 20's when he went to Ireland and saw Thomsas Loe one of the leaders of the Quakers and became one hem self .

Fighting For Freedom

Penn thinks that everyone should have a right to believe what they want. William Penn preached and wrote about the Quakers faith and about how all people should have a right to believe . He wrote a book about his believes when he was in jail . he went to jail and they said you will die in jail if you do not give up your believes . Penn said i well die in jail than give up my believe spending 9 moths in jail at the tower of London , he got let out without changing his faith .

Founding Pennsylvania

William Penn has his began of his name is in Pennsylvania what means Penn woods. The King council added Penn to Pennsylvania . Pennsylvania means Penn woods . Charles the II owes Penn father $80,000 . After that Penn asked the king to repay him with land . when the king gave William Penn his land in America yo trad for the money . William Penn made a deli to the king Charles and how it is all solved .


William Penn was a religious person who believe in his own right . Penn wanted to be a Quaker when he was a little boy . William Penn wrote about how everyone should believe what they want . After that William has Pennsylvania after the king had to own Penn s father money .Finally Penn was a strong person and never gave up in his believes in his lifetime.


Quaker, A popular name for a member of the society of friends ,religious sect advocating peace and simplicity.

Admiral , The commanding officer of a fleet : a naval officer of the highest rank .

Refuse, To not allow someone to do something


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