The Mechanic

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The Mechanic loves to work on cars at his house is house is always surrounded by cars.


In the day time Bob works on cars at his house then at night he goes on car rides with his windows down, and his hair blowing in the air.

How he works

Bob works very different then other mechanic he doesn't use the chilton manual to work on his cars he use a copy of Gray's Anatomy.

His Love

Bob love for working on cars is so big that he is making his house basically a garage.

New followed

Recently Bob followed Richard Rawlings for Gas Monkey.Bob like the way that Richard fixes up cars and make them look brand new.


Yesterday Bob was looking at sites, and he came up on one that I really liked,Bob likes this site because he can buy cars then fix them up and sell them.

The Race

This weekend Bob went to a drag race where he got someone to drive one of his cars,but the race got busted before his car was up.