Warsaw Ghetto Uprising

By: Ciara Page

What was that?

The Warsaw Ghetto Uprising was a small war that began July 22nd, 1942 when a bomb was dropped on the Jewish people at Warsaw Ghetto in Poland which then was German territory. German soliders murdered more than 10000 Jews at the Warsaw Ghetto along with 265000 people deported to the Treblinka killing center and 11580 sent to labor camps. In response, the Jewish people created underground self- defense groups callled Zydowska Organizacja Bojowa (ZOB) which means Jewish Fighting Organization and Zydowski Zwiazek Wojskowy (ZZW) which means Jewish Military Union. These groups joined forces to oppose German attemps to destroy the ghetto, and attacked the German military for many months, and was said to end May 16th, 1943, but many people continued fighting the German soliders for many months after.

How many total murders and captures were there during the uprising?

German leader General Jürgen Stroop reported that he had captured 56,065 Jews and destroyed 631 bunkers, and had killed nearly 7,000 Jewish people during the uprising. German troops also reported deporting another 7,000 people to the Treblinka killing center, where almost all of them were killed immediately when they arrived. The Germans also deported most of the remaining people to the Lublin/Majdanek concentration camps, and to the Poniatowa, Trawniki, Budzyn, and Krasnik forced-labor camps.

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