Allison Deck

About me

Hobbies & Interests

I enjoy playing volleyball, running, doing yoga, and being active in general. I love to read, I read whenever possible. I hang out with my best friend daily. We have Pinterest parties, eat loads of food, and watch New Girl reruns. Which I also really like to do.

About the Decks

There are five of us. All beginning with the "j" sound, apart from me. Obviously. My parents are Jennifer and Geromy Deck, I have a younger sister (who had her first day of kindergarden today :)) named Joselynn, and an older sister who you might know or have heard of, Jo Marie. Jennifer, Geromy, Joselynn, Jo,... Allison.

We're that family who throws frequent BBQ's in the summertime and are very social with lots of friends and family over.

When I Grow Up

I actually have no idea what I want to be when I get older. I know that I like working with early childhood children, so I am enrolled in CCP1. I also know that I loved Biology, and wouldn't mind studying genetics. ALSO, I really enjoyed my world history class, so being a historian to me would be amazing.

This Summer I...

This summer I did my AP Lang. and Comp. homework, I participated (for the most part) in Cross Country offseason, I hung out with my best friend, I got my first job as a cashier at the local Hy-Vee, and I swam about... twice. I was very busy and did not like it one bit. I took mental notes and will make sure I'm not so jam-packed busy next summer.

Clubs/Activities/Athletics I am Involved in

I am not currently enrolled in any clubs or activities, but I would like to if my scehdule this year permits. I do play sports, it usually differs each year. I used to play volleyball each fall, but I've switched to cross country, and I have done a season of track. I realized I'm not up for much school sport teams, I mostly just like to do my own thing. I still play volleyball and run, but I mostly like to do that stuff with friends.