Third and Fourth Grade

Mrs. Walcott's Class

LAST NEWSLETTER- Next week we will be prepping for summer!

UOI- Sharing the Planet (Week 5-Taking Action)

Central Idea:

Citizens have the responsibility of learning about, managing, and sharing the earths resources.

Lines of Inquiry:

  • Water is the building block of life and we have a responsibility to conserve it
  • Conflict can be resolved through various actions
  • Knowledge is the first step to taking responsible action


  • Students are finished with their place value for this week and have been practicing and applying and reviewing all that we have learned this year!
  • Students will receive summer packets next week to continue to practice the skills that we need while they are on summer break.

Language Arts


Students will take an end of year assessment that will measure their growth in vocabulary from this year.

Social Studies and Science

Responsibility and Connection

  • Our Garden project is taking a lot more hard work than we anticipated, it has been fun watching the students problem solve and look for resources to help this along. Students have really worked together to pull this project off and we look forward to the end product by next week InshaaAllah!
  • This week we took our science test on water properties. We will continue to explore water and how it is connected to our lives.

A Look At this week!

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Updates and Upcoming Events

Last Day of School!

Friday, June 17th, 9am

6785 Washington Boulevard

Elkridge, MD

School Iftaar

Friday, June 10th, 8pm

6785 Business Parkway

Elkridge, MD

Tarbiyah parent group is hosting a community Iftaar for friends and family of Tarbiyah! This is a potluck meal and there is a sign up sheet that is available to sign up to bring food. Come early and you can join the viewing of the Play on tape!